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  • Why should I have my trash bins cleaned regularly?
    Regular soap and water is not enough to get rid of the germs that reside in trash cans. If you use chemicals, note that you are introducing those chemicals into your environment and waterways. Our pressure washing service gets rid of up to 99.9% of the bacteria and waste commonly found in bins keeping you and your family safe. We ensure your waste bins are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized to remove the harmful bacteria a quick soap-and-water clean cannot.
  • How often should I have my bins cleaned?
    We generally recommend that all bins be cleaned once every three months. Custom plans are also available to fit your needs. Contact us via email or directly by phone.
  • What happens to the dirty water from the bins?
    All of the waste water from cleaning process is filtered and contained within the mobile unit. The mobile unit uses proprietary industry leading 17 stage filtration system to recycle dirty water. We do this to help keep waste away from our environment and waterways. Unlike our competitors, we do NOT haul hazardus waste water in open hoppers like they do. Unfortunately, our competitors are not operating within Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations. In time, those companies will be challanged and shut down by the EPA.
  • Are your methods environmentally friendly?
    At DMV Eco Bin Cleaning, LLC, we take every possible step to ensure our cleaning process is environmentally friendly. This means using green, eco-friendly waste-reducing cleansing method which prevents unnecessary water use and runoff. We pride ourselves on this environmentally-conscious approach to our business practices and are happy to use industry leading innovative techniques and equipment to ensure we continue to limit our impact on our environment! WE DO NOT HAUL HAZARDOUS WASTE WATER IN OPEN HOPPERS LIKE OUR COMPETITORS DO!!!!
  • I don't see what I need. Can my cleaning services be customized?
    Yes! Our cleaning services are fully customizable for both residential and commercial customers! We offer a range of pre-made plans and are happy to discuss cleaning options for specific needs and schedules. We offer a verity of pressure and soft washing serices. We also reclaim waste water with our industry leading surface washers so that we only leave clean surfaces behind. Please feel free to contact us today to discover how we can make a plan to fit your needs.
  • I have a commerical dumspter. Why should it be cleaned?
    Yes you have to! Garbage Bin Pad Cleaning Can Keep You In Compliance With Maryland Laws Sec. 4-169. Garbage containers. The owner or operator of every establishment producing garbage shall provide, and at all times cause to be utilized, approved leakproof containers provided with close-fitting covers for the storage of such materials until removed from the premises for disposal. The term garbage container shall mean any container used or intended to be used for the storage of garbage, waste, litter, refuse and debris until such materials are removed from the premises for disposal. Garbage containers, including dumpsters, shall be emptied, cleaned, and/or deodorized as necessary, to prevent the container from becoming malodorous. Litter, refuse, waste and debris shall not be allowed to accumulate around the dumpster. All litter, refuse, waste and debris shall be deposited in such a manner as to prevent spilling or blowing out of the container. The garbage container must have a closeable top, and doors (if applicable), and shall be maintained so that all openings are able to be closed and secured. All commercial garbage containers, including dumpsters, shall prominently display on the exterior of the container the name of the company responsible for service of the container, as well as a local phone number at which a party responsible for the service and maintenance of the container may be contacted.
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