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Dirty Waste Bins?
Hire the premier mobile waste bin cleaning company in Prince George's County, Maryland 

50% off home soft wash
with monthly
 Bin Wash service
(* Monthly Bin Wash starting at $15 / Bin)

First  Responder Owned and Operated

MDOT Certified Minority Business

It's a trash bin,
why clean it?

Did you know that bacteria thrives in trash cans and dumpsters even when trash bags are used. Salmonella, E. Coli, and Listeria are found in common foods like eggs, raw poultry and meat. The result is a foul-smelling, disease-infested bin or dumpster.

Our industry leading custom cleaning trailer uses 200 degree water at high pressure to sanitize your trash bin or commercial dumpster. The majority of bacteria is killed at 140 degrees so your bins are left free of these odor producing pests – all without the need of harmful chemicals. Just leave your bins outside on trash day, and you’ll come home to fresh clean bins you would think are new!

Yes, we recycle
the water.

Our #1 priority is our environment and our loved ones. Thats why all the waste water from the cleaning process is filtered through a proprietary industry leading 17 stage filtration system located in the mobile unit.


None of the water used during the cleaning process is spilled into our waterways or environment, helping preserve it for our future generations!

Be aware the competing companies do not have our proprietary 17-stage waste water filtration system.  Unfortunately they are hauling hazardous waste water in open top hopper through your neighborhoods and roadways.  These companies are introducing hazardous waste that is a detriment to our environment and our loved ones.  It is only a matter of time for the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) shuts those other companies down.

It benefits you and our community

We are all about helping you and others stay safe, thats why we ensure that all

bacteria and odors are removed from your bins.  This service also combats the spread of COVID-19 by destroying and washing away the virus from your trash bins.  You do not have to worry about throwing away your used PPE.  We will completely sanitize anything with our industry leading equipment!


Odor Free


Pests Free


Bacteria Free


Scheduled Time

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